2021 SIGMA IPA Assessment at OECD
May 19, 2021

Name: 2021 SIGMA IPA Assessment

Client: OECD

Duration / period: 6 months, 1 January – 30 June 2021


2021 SIGMA IPA Assessment in North Macedonia in the areas of public finance management, including public procurement

A1. Data collection phase: Identification and uploading publicly available documents and inserting available data and statistics specified by SIGMA to the online system (PAR.IS)

A2. Production of list of legislation, regulations and policies needed for the assessment

A3. Collecting data retrospectively to have an annual time series back to 2015

A4. Supporting SIGMA in the organization of virtual interviews and meetings by providing on-the-ground assistance and participation in interviews

A5. Providing answers of country-specific questions during the data collection and validation phases

A6. Assisting with report preparation

A7. Assisting SIGMA staff and EU experts in collecting information needed for selected sub-indicators under the respective area of work, collecting samples, validating information provided by the administration, making basic calculations, completing checklists, etc.

A8. Organizing files in PAR.IS, following SIGMA's standard instructions (PAR.IS clean-up)

A9. Supporting the public procurement survey of contracting authorities by completing sampling frames for the surveys and following up with respondents over email and by phone

December 24, 2021
T&P actively participated in the preparation of the SIGMA 2021 monitoring report in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.