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Mike Horn designed the PAM00719 watch so that it could be used to survive in Antarctica.

I understand that you were involved in the design of the watch you wore during your expedition. Tell us about the features you wanted Rolex Sea Dweller Replica, the company that created the PAM00719 watch, to include in the PAM00719 model.

The watch I wore had to be made from a single piece of metal. It's because extreme cold compresses the material, so you need to ensure that the whole watch is compressed at the same rate.Blancpain Replica You could damage the watch if you don't. We could not use the normal oils used in watchmaking because they would freeze. I needed a watch that was not only a timekeeper, but also acted as a compass. At the poles the compass doesn't work, so the watch is used to determine the direction.

How does it feel to be constantly exposed to such extreme conditions?

In the summer there are almost 24 hours of daylight. The temperature is -40 and there is constant wind. The wind is very loud. The poles are the world's air conditioners. They're beginning to fail. If we don't act, they will stop working. What happens if our air conditioners fail to work?

Mike Horn reached the South Pole on his own, using skis, paragliders and kitesurfs

You have spoken about the importance of paying attention to Man's impact on our world. Why do you believe we are still so far away from taking action?

For me, it's different. For example, whales used to go down to Antarctica quite a lot in the summer for plankton and have their calves. It's different for me. For example, whales would go to Antarctica a lot during the summer months to eat plankton, and to have their calves. Global warming causes the ocean to absorb more carbon.Rolex Explorer II Replica This is then absorbed by surface plankton which releases oxygen.