Research on digitalization in North Macedonia and SDGs
December 24, 2021

Client: UNDP Accelerator Lab in North Macedonia

Duration / Period: 15 November -15 December 2021

The general goal of the assignment is to produce a research report in order to understand the processes of digitalization in North Macedonia, identifying local solutions that have worked well, as well as and looking at future recommendations.

  1. Brief Overview of the digitalization process in North Macedonia

Research and report on how the digitalization processes are taking place in the country.

Outline the key existing digitalization efforts that are carried out by the government and other international organization and entities.

Identify key players (institutions, organizations and donors) that are currently working on the area of digitalization, projects that are in the pipeline, as well as new possibilities.


  1. Mapping of Solutions in the digitalization processes

In this segment the task is to:

Identify and analyze the best practices of providing public digital services spearheaded by the private sector and CSOs, the reasons for their success, as well as the potential for replicability, emerging partnership and scalability of those solutions.

Cluster the identified interventions based on the level that they address: central or local governments’ efforts.

Prepare a check list for responsibilities of municipalities that derive from central government developments in digitalization. Based on that checklist, identify solutions that meet the standards and can be replicated.


  1. Policy recommendations

Based on the findings from the research:

Translating the findings from the research into specific policy recommendations on how to enhance the digitalization process in North Macedonia.

Design of operational hypothesis that could be tested as experiments by policy makers in the field of digitalization.